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IDEO Hello Design Thinking

Hello Design Thinking desktop experience

Hello Design Thinking is an online course created by IDEO’s digital product team that introduces non-designers to the concepts of the design thinking process and offers designers a tried-and-tested approach to creative problem solving. Led by IDEO founder David Kelley, learners view past case studies with IDEO experts and engage in five interactive activities, with the goal of walking away with foundational knowledge of design thinking and how to apply these tools and processes to your own work.

the audience
  • Seeking intro mindset and language of design thinking
  • Spreading the language of design thinking to their teams
    or organization
  • The bite-size gateway to full
    online courses
the challenge
Do we design a quick experience on a platform with constraints or a more delightful custom-built experience?
the need
A flexible offering to the design thinking suite—one that would serve as a perfect introduction to the tools and processes.
the big question
How might we design a delightful online experience that teaches design thinking to an introductory audience and equips them with just enough knowledge to confidently share back with their teams?
sketch, test, iterate
We used both wireframe sketches and paper prototypes to test and receive feedback from a group of professionals with a varied mix of experience in design thinking, from individuals who used the process in their day-to-day to individuals who have heard about it and wanted to know more. We worked with design researchers to test some of our assumptions during user interviews and uncover insights into the way we could best teach this introductory class.

Hello Design Thinking mobile wireframe screens

the solution
After several months of trials and testing on various platforms, our team designed and built the Hello Design Thinking experience. IDEO’s first short-form online class is designed and maintained on the Webflow platform.

Hello Design Thinking mobile UI screens

As lead designer, I worked on the UI and interaction design of the web experience and was active in the early research phase. In addition, my role also required that I put on a variety of hats to help assist in the go-to-market launch of the course such as digital marketing campaigns and QA with the developer on the course experience.

Hello Design Thinking UI screens for the desktop, tablet and mobile experience