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IDEO U Brand Refresh

After rapidly growing product offerings organically over three years, the IDEO U team wanted to take a step back and look at how the overall IDEO U digital brand had evolved over time and where it sits in the overall company of IDEO. With IDEO U existing in several new marketing channels since its inception, there needed to be a cohesive visual brand to tie everything up.

Old IDEO U Brand Style Guide

the solution
During this time, our design team focused on evolving our color palette so that could be easily paired with our brand imagery, frameworks, and typography. Guidelines for color and type were also given more explicit usages across our content in video, email, paid marketing, and web. Our goal was to give each course/class offering their own identity and aesthetic that reflects the content and instructor while also keeping everything cohesive within the IDEO U brand. Design principles were also implemented to give our digital marketing assets a visual unification across all the channels of IDEO U.

Brand Photography 1

Brand Photography 2


Social Media Visual Templates

Web/Product Landing Page

Email Campaign Design