IDEO Design Thinking Email Series

Designing a cohesive email series about design thinking principles

Gif image asset from an email from the IDEO Design Thinking series

Lead Designer
Email Campaign, Art Direction, Digital Marketing
After gradually putting together one-off emails pertaining to course announcements, the IDEO U team wanted to create an introductory email series to share the basic principles of design thinking through the use of IDEO case studies and practical tips to get started.

With the IDEO U brand refresh project having concluded a few months earlier, this served as an ideal opportunity to bring the updated visual identity into IDEO U’s email design template system. With previous emails, there were inconsistencies with typography, spacing, color, and lo-fidelity image assets — the overall visual hierarchy needed much design improvement. Enter me, the digital designer.
design objectives
Previously, public-facing emails within the IDEO U community consisted of a monthly newsletter and reminders for enrolling into an online course before the deadline date. The team wanted to create an educational best-of email series pulled directly from the course content. Using case studies, lesson recaps, and practice tips, the email series would familiarize subscribers with the design thinking process and ideally entice them to learn more by enrolling in an online course.
Learners could opt into the design thinking email series by adding their email address to various high traffic email capture points on the website — this included a design thinking resource landing page, relevant blog articles, and online courses that leaned heavily on the design thinking process.
Mirroring how IDEO’s Hello Design Thinking online course is taught, we decided to create an email for each phase of the design thinking process. This included an introductory email and one email for each of the four main phases of design thinking, consisting of five emails total. The subscriber would receive one new email every few days in an effort to create an ideal learning momentum. Working with the digital marketing team, I started crafting the content and UI design in email mockups. After getting approval from the leadership and marketing teams, these mockups were implemented directly on Mailchimp’s email marketing platform.

Examples of visual components and patterns used within the Design Thinking email series