Hi, I'm Chris.
My favorite time of day is sunset.

Hey, i've got nothing to do today but smile
I am a visual designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I  graduated from the University of California, Davis, where I received my BA in Design. My interest in design comes from a desire to help and empower others. As a practitioner of design thinking, I want to use my skills and passion to foster growth, understanding, collaboration, and the lifelong pursuit of learning.

When designing, I want my work to reflect the time and thought I invest into a project. I am excited for the opportunity to work with various experts on large-scope projects as well as independently researching and creating content. I want to be a listener and a maker for others.

While I am mainly well-versed in graphic and UI design, I am open to exploring other avenues of visual communication and interaction design. I love film and its power to convey emotion by appealing to the senses of sight and sound. With that being said, The Graduate is my all-time favorite film. I like my music jazzy, euphoric, soulful, grimy, electric, and everything in between. Songs by Nujabes, Tycho, and Bonobo infuse me with the strength to persevere during late-night work sessions.

looking for me?
You can catch me inside of libraries, coffee shops, and thrift stores on the weekends.

Or you can send me an email, that's cool too.

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